Application of PE wax and paraffin wax in PVC

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In general, many manufacturers of pvc pipe profiles prefer to use paraffin wax as a lubricant, it is especially worth noting that it must be pure polyethylene wax, not impurities added to the polyethylene wax, pure polyethylene wax produced pvc pipe profiles are smooth and shiny.

PE wax in PVC applications.

PE wax, PE wax is generally divided into oligomer wax, cracking wax, polymerization wax and blending wax four, the domestic production is generally oligomer wax, other cracking wax, polymerization wax and blending wax is mainly foreign production more, PE wax is generally mainly used in improving the fluidity of polyolefin plastics, improve filler, additives dispersion, etc., but also used as internal lubricants of rubber and plastic materials.

PE wax scope of application: Because of very excellent external lubrication and strong internal lubrication, good compatibility with polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene and other resins, it can be used as its lubricant in extrusion, calendering, injection processing. It can improve processing efficiency, prevent and overcome film, pipe and sheet bonding, improve the smoothness and gloss of finished products, and improve the appearance of finished products.

PE wax as a variety of thermoplastic resin thick color masterbatch dispersant and filling masterbatch, degradation masterbatch lubrication dispersant, can improve the processing performance, surface gloss, lubricity and thermal stability of HDPE, PP and PVC, etc.; used as a lubricant for cable insulation material, can enhance the diffusion of filler, improve the extrusion molding rate, increase the flow of the mold, mold release convenience; can be widely used in the manufacture of color masterbatch, granulation, plastic steel, PVC pipe, hot melt adhesive, rubber, shoe polish, leather gloss, cable insulation material, floor wax, plastic profiles, ink, injection molding and other products.

Application of paraffin wax in PVC.

Paraffin wax is a kind of mineral wax, also a kind of petroleum wax; it is obtained from the distillation of crude oil fraction of lubricating oil by solvent refining, solvent dewaxing or by wax freezing and crystallization, pressing and dewaxing to make wax paste, and then by solvent de-oiling and refining to obtain flake or needle crystals, also called crystal wax. The main quality indicators are melting point and oil content, the former indicating temperature resistance and the latter indicating purity.

It is mainly used as a component and packaging material for food and other commodities (such as wax paper, crayons, candles, copy paper), coating material for baking containers, raw material for cosmetics, used for fruit preservation, improving anti-aging and increasing flexibility of rubber, insulation of electrical components, precision casting, etc. It can also be used for oxidation to generate synthetic fatty acids. Liquid paraffin wax, commonly known as white oil, is a colorless transparent liquid, can be used as transparent internal lubricant of PVC, the dosage is about 0.5 parts; solid paraffin wax, also known as natural msds paraffin wax, white solid, can be used as external lubricant of PVC, the dosage is 0.1~1.0 parts, the dosage will affect the transparency; microcrystalline paraffin wax, also known as high melting point paraffin wax, the appearance is white or light yellow solid, because the crystallization is fine and called microcrystalline paraffin wax. It has better lubrication effect and thermal stability than other paraffin waxes. The dosage in PVC is small, generally 0.1~0.2 parts.


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