The Amount Of Fischer-Tropsch Wax(FT Wax) Added To The Color Masterbatch

2024-02-21   Pageview:150

The amount of Fischer-Tropsch wax(FT Wax) added to the masterbatch. Fischer-Tropsch wax has a wide range of applications due to its high melting point, hardness and good chemical inertness. The good dispersion and wetting properties of Fischer-Tropsch wax play a vital role in the processing of plastic products.

Application of Fischer-Tropsch wax in masterbatch:
Fischer-Tropsch wax has low compatibility with polymers. During the processing process, it is easy to migrate from the interior of the polymer to the surface, orient and arrange at the interface, and form a lubricant molecular layer through physical adsorption, which can reduce the polymer’s Friction with equipment surfaces prevents them from adhering to mechanical surfaces, thereby improving flow properties.

Fischer-Tropsch wax has a certain degree of compatibility with polymers, and the compatibility increases at high temperatures, producing a plasticizing effect that weakens the cohesion between polymer molecules and reduces Internal friction reduces body viscosity and increases fluidity.

Due to its small molecular weight and low kinematic viscosity, Fischer-Tropsch wax has good wetting properties for inorganic pigment particles, which can weaken the van der Waals force between particles and reduce the probability of particle collision, thus improving the dispersion effect of pigments. The higher hardness of Fischer-Tropsch wax will also improve the anti-friction effect of the masterbatch.

However, due to the small molecular weight and low kinematic viscosity of Fischer-Tropsch wax, which focuses on external slippage, the usage ratio is not easy to grasp. The wax can easily agglomerate and precipitate under strong shear force, so in order to improve Fischer-Tropsch wax To improve the application effect of wax, refined Fischer-Tropsch wax generally needs to be modified and upgraded to meet the requirements of different customers for product processing performance. Different color mast


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