Yarn smoothing agent wax emulsion LW-109C

Product Detail

Technical Parameters

Nature of the Products LW-109C
Appearance off- white emulsion
pH 3-6
Solid content 40%
Ionic nature Non
Sample Support

Cellulose (mainly cotton and linen) and its blended yarns are wet waxed and used in the suction method to obtain good lubricating properties.

1. It has high affinity to fiber.
2. Give the finished yarn a uniform and low friction coefficient (high surface smoothness).
3. Compatible with non-ionic or cationic smoothing agents.

Recommended process
Wet waxing: Tianshi LW-109C product is used in the fresh bath after yarn bleaching or dyeing, the recommended dosage: 0.5-1.5%;
Tianshi LW-109C is because the residual alkali on the textile yarn affects the stability of the emulsion, it must be neutralized by adding glacial acetic acid before wet waxing.

PH value: 5.0-6.0
Treatment temperature in bath: 40-60℃

Storage and packaging
1. The product is sensitive at low temperatures, please do not store it below 0°C, and try not to place it in high-temperature areas, otherwise the product may have irreversible quality changes;
2. This product is non-dangerous, please store it away from fire and strong oxidants.
3. Blue plastic barrel, net weight: 120 kg/barrel


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