Introduction of metal soap desiccant

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In the process of promoting the curing and drying of coatings and printing inks, a metal soap called desiccant is used. Metal soaps are produced by the interaction of metal salts with fatty acids, which are insoluble in water and soluble in organic solvents.













Carbon-based conductive agents include carbon black and graphite, which are classified according to their shape, and mainly include powder and fiber, their types and characteristics.
Types and characteristics of carbon-based conductive agents
Acetylene black oil furnace black thermal cracking black groove black
High purity, good dispersibility, good conductivity, poor conductivity: low cost, conductivity and carbon fiber, polyacrylonitrile-based pitch, good conductivity, high cost, difficult to process, poor electrical conductivity and low cost than polyacrylonitrile, graphite

It varies with the place of production, and the conductivity varies with the production method. The carbon-based conductive agent has excellent weather resistance and chemical resistance, low cost, and abundant sources. If the amount is appropriate, it has little effect on the physical properties of the coating, so carbon The conductive agent is the most widely used in anti-static coatings. Carbon-based conductive agents also ptfe powder piano have some shortcomings, such as poor coating adhesion and oil penetration resistance, and the color of the coating is not beautiful.

Carbon black
Carbon black is produced by thermal decomposition of hydrocarbon compounds. The spherical particles of carbon black are amorphous crystals composed of several crystals with no certain orientation. There are unsaturated free bonds around the crystals, which make the carbon black particles aggregate with each other to form small branches of different sizes, which is called the morphological structure of carbon black, which refers to the state of particle aggregation.

The morphology and structure of carbon black vary with different preparation methods. Generally speaking, the aggregation state of furnace carbon black is higher than that of channel carbon black, and the aggregation state of acetylene carbon black is the highest. In addition, the structure of carbon black is also affected by the raw material, and the high aromatic content of the raw material, the higher the morphological structure of the carbon black. The smaller the carbon black particle diameter, the higher the structure. The structure of carbon black can be measured by the size of the oil absorption value. In the case of the same particles, a large oil absorption value indicates a high structure, and vice versa, a low structure.


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