Physical index of BASF PuriSt are R 3-12

2021-11-27   Pageview:277

Main components: CuO and ZnO
Remaining substances: Aluminum oxide and accelerator
Crushing strength: ~7.0kg (15lbs), side compression
Bulk density: ~1250kg/m* (after light tapping); ~1150kg/m (normal loading)













For different types of powder coatings, the requirements for the types of additives are different, but from the basic requirements, the additives for powder coatings are basically the same as those for ordinary coatings, and they have their own characteristics. For example, considering the storage stability of powder coatings and the convenience of adding during the manufacturing process, the additives are preferably in solid powder form. When the auxiliary agent is in liquid form, considering the storage stability of the powder coating, the usage amount should not be too much.

The commonly used additives in powder coatings include leveling agents, brighteners, deaerators, defoamers, matting agents and matting curing agents, texturing agents (including wrinkle agents, floating agents, sand texture agents, hammer texture agents, Flowering agent, etc.), anti-caking agent (releasing agent or loosening agent), curing accelerator, anti-sagging agent, corner coverage modifier, lubricant (slip agent), anti-scratch agent, anti-static There are a wide variety of agents, power increasing agents, light stabilizers, ultraviolet absorbers, plasticizers, toughening agents, antibacterial agents and metal powder additives, among which the most commonly used are leveling agents, brighteners, degassing agents, Additives such as defoamer, matting agent and anti-caking agent.

Because the principle of action of each additive has been discussed in more detail in the previous chapters, in order to avoid unnecessary repetition, this chapter only briefly introduces the principle, mainly introducing the varieties and types of powder coating additives. Performance characteristics and application requirements.

Leveling agent is one of the most important additives in powder coatings. In powder coating formulations, when a smooth and smooth coating film is required, whether it is high-gloss, shiny, semi-gloss, matte or matte powder coatings, All must add leveling agent. The function of the leveling agent is to form a very thin monomolecular layer on the surface of the molten paint when the powder coating is melted and leveled to provide a uniform surface tension and at the same time make the paint and the coated object (workpiece) have good wettability , So as to overcome the disadvantages of the coating film such as pinholes and shrinkage holes formed on the surface of the coating film due to uneven local surface tension.


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