Application of closed type acid catalyst N-2500

2021-11-16   Pageview:546

1, High-temperature acrylic baking enamels
2, Automotive refinish
3, General industrial baking paints
4, Coil and iron-on coatings















When Lin Tao et al. studied the combination of dispersants and associative thickeners, they found that HAS E thickeners can replace polyacid copolymer dispersants from the surface of pigments and fillers, causing bridge flocculation, while HEUR thickeners The thickener will salt out in the presence of the polyacid homopolymer dispersant. For example, Ta mol 1254 and Ta mol 850 are polyacid homopolymer dispersants, Ta mol 850 is a methacrylic acid homopolymer; and Orotan731A is a polyacid copolymer dispersant, a copolymer of diisobutylene and maleic acid. In order to avoid such problems, it is recommended to use polyacid homopolymer dispersant and HAS E thickener together, and polyacid copolymer dispersant and HEUR thickener together.

Zhang Chaoping’s experiment obtained the results shown in Table 19-4 and Table 19-5 [21]. HAS E thickener is best used in combination with polyacid homopolymer dispersant, and it is acceptable to use with hydrophilic (high acid content) polyacid copolymer dispersant, but not with hydrophobic (low acid content) ) Used together with polyacid copolymer dispersant. HEUR thickeners should be used in conjunction with hydrophobic polyacid copolymer dispersants.

Shaw et al. (studied the interaction between hydrophobically modified cellulose (H MHEC) and latex paint components and found that for pigments and fillers, the association of H MHEC thickener how to lubricate pvc Natr osolPlus Grade 330 with calcined kaolin is better than titanium dioxide and Calcium carbonate is strong.

Regarding the emulsion, they concluded that Natr osol PlusGrade 330 has the same thickening efficiency as HEC-250MBR in the vinegar acrylic interior wall flat emulsion paint, while in the acrylic interior wall flat emulsion paint and exterior wall flat emulsion paint (regardless of the emulsion type) Among them, the thickening efficiency of Natr osol Plus Grade330 is 10%-20% higher than that of HEC-250HBR. Natr osol PlusGrade 330 also provides higher ICI viscosity and better leveling than HEC.


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