Organic-fluorine Electret Powder TF11

Product Detail

The organic-fluorine electret powder TF11 dedicated to melt-blowing cloth has extremely high anti-static capacity with uniform micropores, which can increase the electrostatic adsorption capacity of PP and extend the time efficiency for storage of electric charge for 1 year efficiently. It is applicable to the melt-blowing cloth with a filtering efficiency of 95 or 99.

Dosage and use methods
The filtering efficiency can be remarkably improved only by adding 0.05-0.1% organic-fluorine electret powder TF11 in the melt-blowing cloth, to extend the storage time of electric charge. Electret masterbatch can be obtained through compounding of TF11 and the melting index PP. The dosage into masterbatch is 5-10% and organic-fluorine electret powder can be added directly during production of those with a melting index of 1,500 through masterbatch.

Advantages of organic-fluorine electret powder
1.    Long-lasting static electricity
2.    Rapid charging
3.    Improving filtering indexes


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