How to waterproof fiberboard?

2021-08-25   Pageview:1055

Fiberboard, also known as density board, is the use of limited wood resources of branch wood, small diameter wood, fast-growing timber interlude wood, as well as bamboo and other plant materials, comprehensive use of man-made panels made of wood, high comprehensive utilization of wood.

The main characteristics and performance of fiberboard

1, Uniform internal structure, moderate density, good dimensional stability, small deformation.

2, Static flexural strength, internal bonding strength, elastic modulus, board surface and board edge grip screw force and other physical and mechanical properties are better than particle board.

3, The surface is flat and smooth, easy for secondary processing, can be pasted with rotary cut veneer, planed wood, painted paper, impregnated paper, also can be directly painted and printed decoration.

4, The width of MDF is larger, and the thickness can be changed within 2.5~35mm, so it can be produced according to different purposes.

5, Good mechanical processing performance, sawing, drilling, tenoning, milling, sanding and other processing performance similar to wood, some even better than wood.

6, Easy to carve and milling into a variety of shapes, shapes of furniture parts, processed into shaped edges without sealing and direct paint and other finishing treatment.

7, MDF can be produced by adding water-proofing agent, fire-proofing agent, anti-corrosion agent and other chemicals in the production process to produce MDF for special purposes.

Man-made panels include fiberboard and particleboard, both of which are products of comprehensive utilization of wood in the timber industry, whose components, in addition to wood fiber or wood chips, also require a certain ratio of glue, so that the wood fiber or wood chips are glued together after hot pressing treatment. A certain amount of wax emulsion is mixed in with the glue to make the board water resistant and improve the surface finish. Due to the small particle size of the wax emulsion, cationic paraffin wax emulsion, by effectively breaking the emulsion, can precipitate tiny wax particles from the aqueous phase and adsorb them evenly on the wood fibers during the manufacturing process of the boards.

Good fiberboard will add water repellent to prevent the board from moisture deformation. Generally high density board is suitable for flooring substrate, in order to do a good job of flooring substrate, high density board will add waterproof agent. Waterproof wood flooring has a stable waterproof characteristics, does not mean that can be completely waterproof and resistant to water bubbles. General waterproof floor to wear layer, wax film layer, waterproof layer, environmental protection layer, waterproof balance layer, silent layer of six parts, and the core of the moisture-proof waterproof level, more than the wax seal process to create, as a way to isolate the ground or the ground moisture.


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