Physical parameters of adhesion promoter HY-2063

2021-11-30   Pageview:375

Composition: Special polyester compound
Appearance: colorless to light yellow viscous solution
Active portion: 60%
Solvent: Ethylene glycol butyl ether














Because of the difference in electrostatic charging performance between pattern (floating) agents, pigments and base powder, the composition of the original powder coating and the recycled powder coating is different; when the recycled powder coating is mixed with the new powder coating, if the recycled powder coating is used When the amount is too much, the pattern of the coating film will change significantly. wax emulsion suppliers  The amount of recycled powder coating added should be appropriate and not too much.

The coating process has a certain impact on the pattern of the coating film, such as the rapid or slow temperature increase of the powder sprayed workpiece, and the thickness of the coating film. Strict control of the process conditions for each coating is an important part of ensuring product quality.

Although the amount of pattern (floating flower) agent is small, it can get a clear texture effect of the coating film. The amount of pattern (floating flower) agent has a significant impact on the pattern effect of the coating film. By adjusting the melting horizontal fluidity of the powder coating, the amount of pattern (floating) agent, the type and amount of pigments and fillers, patterns of different pattern sizes and colors can be obtained. This pattern (floating) agent can be applied to epoxy, polyester oxygen, polyester and polyurethane powder coatings

Sand texture agent is an auxiliary agent that makes the coating film form a sand texture after the powder coating is melted, leveled and solidified through physical or chemical action. Because there are many types of sand patterns and the mechanisms of forming sand patterns are also different, the appearance of the sand patterns of the coating film is also quite different. For a kind of sand texture agent, the appearance of the coating film in different resin and curing agent systems is also very different.

XG605IA matting agent (sand texture agent) produced by Ningbo Nanhai Chemical Co., Ltd. or SA208 texture agent produced by Lu’an Jietongda Chemical Co., Ltd., the coating film formed in epoxy powder coating is a smooth sand texture. This kind of texture is commonly known as cotton texture or lock texture; and the formation of polyester epoxy and polyester powder coatings is a rough sandpaper-like sand texture.


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