What industries can hot melt glue be applied to?

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The hot melting glue is a adhesive system with hot plastic resin as the base material. It is a 100%solid adhesive that does not contain water and solvents. When using it, you only need to heat it into liquid, put it into the adhesive, and form a firm bonding after cooling. There is no solvent to volatilize, and it is more environmentally friendly. Today, with the continuous improvement of the public environmental protection awareness, environmentally friendly hot -melt glue has a lot of room for development. So what industry can hot melt glue be applied to?






Hot melting glue is widely used. Among them, the packaging industry accounts for more than 50%of the hot -melt glue application market. These packaging materials include pleated cardboard boxes, corrugated carton, canned materials, tapes, and other stack synthetic coating materials; Snuents, diapers, jacket fit, stitching, etc.; Weaving products include clothing, sewing, tape, carpet gel; office supplies include tape, official document, self -adhesive label, envelope, file clip; parts of parts include soda, including soda, and parts of the parts. Electronics, book packaging, furniture, shoes, handicrafts, and carpenter, combined boards, etc.

Typical application industry of hot melting glue.

1. Hot melt glue for air filter

Filter products are generally divided into two categories: air filter and oil filter. The application of hot melting glue is widely applicable to air filtration on air -conditioning products. The main industries include automotive air conditioning filters, and the factory room air conditioner call filter. They all use specific fiber paper to achieve the air filtration function. The role of hot -melt glue on the air filter products is the folding edges of the filter paper, the adhesion of the filter box and the filter paper, the frame filling and sealing.

2, food, beverage packaging, industry industry

Weiwang hot melting glue believes that because hot -melt glue has the characteristics of environmental protection, rapid contact, and solidification, in the production of automatic assembly lines such as food, beverages, beer, book binding, hot -melt glue with automated equipment to seal the box and straws, straws, straws Follow -up, wireless glue, excellent effect.

3, one -time sanitary products industry

As a adhesive, hot -melt glue does not contain organic solvents, fast coating speed, safe and hygienic, and is widely used in a sanitary products industry that is directly contacted with the human body.

4, hot melt glue for shoes

Compared with the advantages of wax for water-based glue and solvent glue, hot melting glue has the advantages of wide range of use, environmental protection, rapid solidification, and no need to dry equipment. It has been widely used in the shoes industry for more than 20 years.

5, woodworking, accessories, crafts industry

Family DIY and woodworking, crafts, toys, toys, and accessories industries use EVA hot -melt rubber sticks and glue to achieve good bonding effects.

6. Other industries

Hot melting glue is one of the most widely used environmentally friendly adhesives. Except for the above industries, it is also used in large quantities in the process of electronics, automotive interior, labeling, express bags, sticking bands, and other production and manufacturing.

As the industry’s largest hot -melt rubber manufacturer, it relies on its high -tech to produce products loved by consumers. Its main products are: white transparent hot -melt rubber rod (grains), white translucent hot melting glue stick (grain), yellow transparent rubber stick (grain), yellow glue stick (grain), milky white high temperature rod (grain), various types Color glue rods (grains), book and gum, woodworking glue and other types of hot melting glue can fully meet the needs of customers in different industries.


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