Micronized PTFE Wax PTFE-0107

Product Detail

Technical Parameters:

Nature of the Products PTFE-0107
Appearance White Powder
Particle Size  μm
Dv50 5-6
Dv90 10
Melting Point ℃ 320

Characteristics and Purposes
Ø The micronized PTFE, PTFE-0107 has very good heat resistance, lubricating effect, dispersing effect, and good storage stability.
Ø PTFE-0107 can make the product surface with very low friction coefficient when added into coatings and inks, improve the abrasion resistance, scratch resistance and lubricity of the products.
Ø With the addition level at 0.1%~3%, it can obviously improve the lubricity of the inks,improve the abrasion resistance of the finished products, avoid paper bonding.
Ø Be used in powder coating, the micronized PTFE provide a distinct performance on scratch resistance.

Addition level and Processing instructions
Ø In a variety of systems, the recommended addition level ranges from 0.5 to 3%.
Ø Usually by way of a direct high-speed stirring, it can disperse in solvent-based coatings and inks.
Ø It can be added by using a variety of grinding machines, and high-shear dispersing device. Must pay attention to the control of temperature.
Ø Can make a wax dispersion with the wax concentration at 20-30% by pre-dispersing treatment, add it into the systems when needed, by which can reduce the dispersion time.

Packaging and Storage
Ø Net weight: 25kg / barrel.
Ø This product is non-dangerous goods.
Please store it away from ignition sources and strong oxidants.
Ø Do not smoke while operating the micronized PTFE, avoiding the cigarette burns into micronized PTFE for it can produce some toxic gases


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