What kind of wax is suitable for hot melt adhesive?

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Hot melt glue stick is a thermoplastic resin as an important component, which is added with plasticizer, tackifier resin, antioxidant, flame retardant and filler, etc., and made by melting and assimilation, and no toxic and solvent-free, transportation and storage are very convenient, and the bonding speed is very fast, so it is also widely used in our life when.

Some hot melt adhesives require the use of waxes, polyethylene wax in the hot melt adhesive role in the following aspects.

1, adjust the melt viscosity, different sizing process has different melt viscosity, through the change of the amount of wax used can adjust the melt viscosity of the hot melt adhesive, to adapt to the different ways of using glue.

2, adjust the curing time, the use of hot melt adhesive must be used with the use of the process of time, otherwise the strong viscosity of the adhesive, the performance can not be played.

3, The use of wax additives can adjust the applicability of the use of hot melt adhesive, such as the phenomenon of drawing, fluidity and wettability requirements, to prevent the storage of hot melt adhesive clumping and surface stickiness, etc.

The basic production method of hot melt adhesives is the melt and mix method, mainly intermittent and continuous.

This corresponds to the intermittent production process, another production method is the continuous method, the use of screw extruder, complete melting, mixing and extrusion process, like this production method, the main feature is that the efficiency is very high, the mixing time of the components will be relatively short, hot melt adhesive material is also affected by thermal oxidation is also very small, the corresponding disadvantage is that the melt and mixing of the components of the hot melt adhesive formula is often not enough, although the appearance of the finished product than the kettle production method is good, but the performance is often slightly inferior to the kettle production.

With the progress of technology, the problem of insufficient intermixing will be improved and solved slowly.

Batch method using the kettle production process, characterized by low efficiency, the production of hot melt adhesive products melt viscosity can not be too high, the thermal stability of the components, otherwise in the production process is easy to produce “thermal oxidative degradation phenomenon. The advantages of the kettle production are also more prominent, if the kettle production process produced by the hot melt adhesive, the melting and mixing of the components will be more adequate, so it can play a formula designed to have the characteristics and performance.


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