Common modification methods and applications of PVC materials

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Polyvinyl chloride (PVC or vinyl) is an economical and versatile thermoplastic polymer that is widely used in the building and construction industry, production of window and door profiles, piping (drinking water and wastewater), wire and cable insulation, medical equipment, etc. It is one of the three major thermoplastic materials in the world, along with polyethylene and polypropylene, and polyethylene wax plays an important role in PVC piping.

The role of polyethylene wax for PVC pipes

1. Reduce the scale accumulation that occurs.

2. Can give calendering, extrusion, injection and blow molding equipment excellent metal stripping.

3. Make the appearance of the products better gloss.

4. Does not affect the transparency of the PVC mixture, the dosage scale is about one to five thousandths.

5. No separation or relocation within a reasonable dosage scale.

6. Even in the case of PVC high temperature processing, it can maintain excellent viscosity.

7. Improve the extrusion speed together with no effect on the appearance.

8. Make PVC pipes have excellent stability even at high temperatures.

9. Minimizes the processing energy consumption of PVC during extrusion.

10. Improves the filler dispersion of PVC and improves the impact strength.

Polyethylene wax varieties include low molecular weight polyethylene wax, oxidized polyethylene wax, etc., which can be widely used in the PVC manufacturing process. Polyethylene wax is used in the PVC pipe making process. It is mainly used as an external lubricant, and has many other functions.

 Application industries

Widely used in the manufacture of masterbatches, granulation, plastic steel, PVC pipes, hot melt adhesives, rubber, shoe polish, leather brightener, cable insulation, floor wax, plastic profiles, ink, injection molding and other products.


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