Fischer-Tropsch Wax for Hot Melt Adhesive PEW-0352W

Product Detail

Technical Parameters:

Nature of the Products PEW-0352W
Appearance Small Bead
Density g/cm3 0.94-0.96
Drop melting
point ℃

Characteristics and Usage
Ø For PVC, PEW-0352W can effectively reduce the plasticizing torque, extend the plasticizing and thermal stability time, and has excellent anti-adhesion and demoulding effect.
Ø Hot melt adhesive:PEW-0352W with the characteristics of narrow distribution of MW, high melting point, low viscosity, fast solidification, has good compatibility with EVA resin and petroleum resin, and it is very suitable for hot melt adhesive.
Ø Can be used in road marking paint, the additive amount is about 5-20%.
Ø In other industries, the additive amount is normally at about 1-20%.

Packaging and Storage
Ø Plastic-paper bag, Net weight: 25kg/bag.
Ø The product is not classified as a hazardous material, please store in a place away from ignition sources and strong oxidants.


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