Is the paint defoamer toxic?

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Is the paint defoamer toxic? The answer is non-toxic.

Coating defoamer contains a variety of good defoaming components, suitable for eliminating the defoaming of benzene propylene latex, ethylene propylene latex, pure propylene latex, vinyl acetate latex and other systems, is non-flammable and explosive, non-toxic, stored in a cool, windproof place, airtight storage.










What is the role of paint defoamer?

1, To avoid affecting the quality of the paint

Paint in the production and processing process due to the addition of a variety of additives, will certainly produce a lot of bubbles, and this will be very easy to affect the overall fine degree of paint, for its quality will also cause a great impact, so by using paint defoamer, you can achieve a better defoaming effect, to avoid affecting the quality of the production and processing of paint, can make its use of advantages to get a more comprehensive display, and consumption capacity is very strong, to bring more convenient and convenient use of experience.

2, Consumption sustainability is very good

Coating defoamer can have good sustainability, and stability and functionality will be very strong, the affinity is better but will not produce shrinkage and fish eyes, to meet the various requirements in the process of use, and can also avoid the impact on the environment, so the use of the process is very safe, for staff will not cause any harm and impact, naturally will bring more perfect use of the effect.

In powder coating, micronized PE wax PEW-0215 can increase powder coating hardness, abrasion resistance and assists in powder coatings gloss control. At 180 ℃, baking process is completely no smoke.


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