Concrete Curing Compound – “Water Retention Wax”

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Concrete curing agent is a new type of efficient concrete curing method, by spraying or brushing on the concrete surface, forming a continuous impermeable closed curing film of emulsion or polymer solution on the concrete surface, the formed curing film can isolate the concrete surface from the air and reduce the evaporation of water, so that the concrete can use its own moisture to complete the maximum hydration, and the concrete’s own moisture is enough to Ensure the concrete to achieve the curing effect.

It can improve the compressive and bending resistance and durability of concrete.  Wax based curing compound manufacturer – tianshiwax:

1)Emulsion type curing agent

Mainly composed of polymer emulsion, wax emulsion and asphalt emulsion, the main mechanism of action is that after the evaporation of emulsion water, emulsion particles gathered to form a continuous film (low moisture permeability), the film can effectively adhere to the concrete surface, effectively prevent water evaporation.

2)Compound type curing agent

It is an effective compound of inorganic dense material and organic film-forming material, such as aqueous solution of silicate (commonly known as “water glass”), water glass penetrates quickly, but the water retention is slightly poor, and polymer emulsion / wax emulsion compound, the performance is effectively enhanced.

Its mechanism of action:
1, Organic components through their own polymerization and air oxidation to form a continuous soft Film adherence to the concrete surface through its own polymerization and air oxidation, reducing the evaporation of surface water, both to overcome the long film-forming time of wax emulsion, soft film / polymer emulsion film thickness is thin, poorly sealed shortcomings
2, The organic components can penetrate into the pores of the concrete surface, the chemical reaction to form colloidal substances, colloidal substances can effectively fill the pores, so as to play a role in water retention.


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