Use of matting agent

2021-07-18   Pageview:493

The matting agent is a chemical agent that has been organically treated. Commonly used types include silica, talc, and low-molecular-weight thermoplastic resins, and are characterized by easy dispersion. Matting agents are usually used in coating additives, mainly to reduce the gloss of the coating.

In today’s coating and ink industry, people generally use the addition of matting agents to prepare products. For example, the metal soap commonly used in the early days was used as a matting agent. The metal soap is incompatible with the coating and produces fine particles suspended on the surface. After the film is formed, the reflection of the coating film surface is reduced to achieve the purpose of matting.

Wax is also one of the most widely used early matting agents. A certain amount of polyethylene wax powder is added in the preparation of the product. After the solvent is volatilized, the wax will precipitate and suspend on the surface of the coating film to form a rough surface, thereby matting. Later, the combination of wax powder and silica was more effective.


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