Uses of polyethylene wax in rubber products

2021-07-12   Pageview:477

Polyethylene wax is generally used mainly in improving the fluidity of polyolefin plastics, improving the dispersibility of fillers and additives, etc. It is also used as an internal lubricant for rubber and plastic materials.

The role of polyethylene wax in rubber products.

1, Rubber refining: plasticizing and blending. Plastic refining is defined as reducing molecular weight, increasing plasticity, improving processing performance, and making plasticized rubber that meets the requirements of plasticity. Mixing is defined as the rubber and compounding agents are uniformly mixed and dispersed to make a blend of rubber, using equipment such as openers, compactors and extruders.

2, Calendering: It can make pure film, patterned film and skeleton materials such as cord fabric, canvas, copper-plated steel cord fabric, etc. Covering rubber (paste rubber, rubbing rubber).

3, Extrusion: through different mouth shape continuous extrusion such as rubber tube, profile, rubber strip, rubber sheet and other semi-finished products of different sections, for molding and direct vulcanization.

The role of polyethylene wax additive in rubber is obvious, the addition of polyethylene wax can increase the dispersion of filler, progress kneading molding rate, and increase the flow of the mold, rapid demolding.


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