Introduction of Powdered EBS

2022-03-19   Pageview:446

Powdered EBS can replace Malay and Indonesian products, and its dispersion performance can replace Japanese Kao EBS, with low acid value, low amine value, high performance, high whiteness, high purity, and excellent heat resistance.

Physical index
Melting point: 145℃-150℃

Ignition point: 305℃

Flash point: 287℃

Molecular weight: 590

Hue: Gardner, 5max

Appearance: white powder

Acid value (AV): 10MAX

Moisture content: 0.5Max

ebs wax solubility: 5max


1. Plastic and resin:
This product is mainly used as a lubricant in the production and processing of thermoplastic and thermosetting plastics, rubber and other polymer materials. When EBS is applied to plastic processing, it can be used as internal and external lubricants for various plastics, the most representative ones are: ABS, PS, AS, rigid PVC, and can also be used in PE, PP, PVAC, cellulose acetate, nylon, Phenolic resin, etc. For example, adding 1-2% EBS in the production of ABS and PS can increase the melt index of the resin, improve the fluidity of the material, reduce the energy consumption of mixing and improve the gloss of the product. Adding 0.3-0.5% EBS during nylon modification can increase the transparency and impact resistance of nylon products. In addition, EBS can also be used as antistatic agent and brightener in resin processing.

2. Rubber:
Synthetic resins and rubbers such as Vinyl, Polychloroprene, GRS (SBR) add 1-3% to their emulsions, which have good anti-sticking and anti-caking effects.

3. Asphalt:
Adding EBS to asphalt can improve its softening by about 10°C, reduce plastic flow at cold temperature, reduce the viscosity after melting, and increase the resistance to water, acid and salt spray without brittleness.

4. Pigments and coatings
When making plastics and paints, adding 0.5%-2% EBS can improve the main moisture-proof effect of salt water spray. EBS is used as a dispersant for pigments in the production of masterbatches.

5. Textile dyeing and finishing
EBS can be used as defoamer and permanent water repellent for dyeing engineering.

6. Release agent
Phenolic resin for casting sand can be used as a release agent by adding EBS.


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