4 roles of oxidized polyethylene wax in coatings

2021-07-12   Pageview:939

People’s requirements for coatings have changed with the market demand, beautiful and practical high and middle grade coatings occupy most of the market, and the market for wax additives is expanding.

1, the melting point of wax powder is high and plasticization can be delayed. In the coating, after cooling, it can form a thin wax film layer on the coated surface, which is resistant to scratching and preventing rusting.

2, The viscosity of wax powder is moderate. It can well disperse pigment and carrier in the production process of paint, prevent pigment and carrier from gathering and avoid protrusion in the process of painting, which affects the appearance.

3, Wax powder is earlier used as coating matting agent, and its characteristics are simple to use. After coating the coating, due to the evaporation of the solvent, the wax in the paint precipitates and forms fine crystals floating on the surface of the paint film, forming a rough surface for scattering light and playing a role of lusterless.

4, The functions of wax in solvent-based coating are: matting, anti-precipitation, thixotropy, good lubricity and workability, and metal positioning.

The role of  wax additives for coatings and paints depends on the specification of the polyethylene wax, the final fineness of the particles, the ability to migrate to the surface of the coating, the composition of the coating, the nature of the substrate to be coated. When polyethylene wax emulsions are added to waterborne coatings, the wax drifts to the surface of the coating during the film formation process and is evenly dispersed, resulting in the formation of a protective wax film on the coating film, which reduces the coefficient of friction. This improves the anti-friction, slip and scratch resistance of the coating.


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