What are the internal lubricants for nylon?

2022-01-12   Pageview:329

With the continuous development of modified nylon processing technology and the massive application of plastic processing equipment. In order to improve the processing speed, reduce energy consumption and improve the quality of products, especially the appearance, lubricants play an indispensable role.

Nylon lubricant is a kind of substance that can form an isolation layer between surface and surface or repair the uneven surface, generally divided into internal lubricant and external lubricant, which is mainly for the reason of friction resistance generated by: friction between modified nylon molecules as internal friction, friction between modified nylon materials and machinery and equipment as external friction.

Internal lubricant is added to the material in a certain proportion and stirred well in the ingredients before plastic processing to reduce the friction between resin molecules and play the role of lubrication. There are two kinds of external lubricants, one is to wipe the lubricant on the surface of the mold during molding and processing to form a film on the metal surface to isolate the melt from the equipment and not to get on the equipment; one is to add the substance which has little compatibility with the polymer and can easily migrate from the polymer inside to the surface during processing so as to form an isolation layer, adding it before batching and migrating to the surface during processing to play the role of lubrication.

Most lubricants have both internal and external lubrication, just with different emphasis, and it is difficult to determine which category a particular lubricant belongs to. Regardless of which category it is, its role is to reduce viscosity and prevent the melt from sticking together with the equipment, which can invariably improve the quality and productivity, so the lubricant is an indispensable additive for the production and use of modified nylon.

Lubricant is an indispensable auxiliary for modified nylon.


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