Knowledges you should know about polyethylene wax

2021-07-16   Pageview:900

Polyethylene wax, also called PE wax, is widely used for lubrication of PVC processing and is a kind of low molecular weight polyethylene. Polyethylene wax is generally divided into four types: oligomer wax, cracking wax, polymeric wax and blending wax, which are generally produced by oligomer wax, while other cracking wax, polymeric wax and blending wax are mainly produced abroad.

Low molecular weight polyethylene waxes are used in different applications.

Polyethylene wax for masterbatches with low price pigment dispersion can be used for spotless coloring of PVC and also for coloring of polyamides, while changing the release. Polyethylene wax has proven to be an excellent binder for binding pigments to polymer particles and for producing dust-free, non-cohesive, easy-flowing pigment concentrates in high-speed mixers.

The important application of polyethylene wax for PVC is in PVC processing. Compared to fatty acid-based lubricants, it does not adversely affect melt tension and Vicat softening point, and provides excellent anti-adhesion and flow control. Polyethylene wax can be used to control melting in special processing methods. It has good compatibility with other components even when added in large amounts.

The development of new plastics has been growing due to the constant demand for engineering plastics and the efforts of plastics manufacturers to develop new markets for special products. They either have very high molecular weights and therefore very poor flowability, or, for example, durable copolymers at low temperatures that are very viscous soon after processing.

In these applications, engineering plastics additives are valuable processing aids due to their low volatility and the combination of internal and external lubrication, additional mold release and migration resistance in both polar and non-polar plastics.


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