Advantages of KOS2400 dispersants for coatings

2021-09-28   Pageview:331

Dispersant KOS2400 is an active content polyester type multi-chain polymer dispersant, which is widely used in solvent-based and UV inks and coating systems, and shows very excellent grinding and dispersing effects on both carbon black and organic pigments.

Especially for various gravure packaging inks and UV offset printing ink systems, it has very good color spreading and viscosity reduction effects on carbon black and organic pigments.















Stability of the bubble
The nature of the foam
People define foam as a dispersion in which a considerable amount of insoluble gas (usually air) is dispersed in a small amount of liquid. There is a huge interface between gas and liquid, and the liquid separates the gas from each other in the form of a thin layer. The heterogeneous system. The formation of foam has many similarities with emulsions. Emulsions form a large number of water-oil interfaces, while foams buy wax emulsion form a large number of gas-liquid interfaces, but they all need to be formed under the action of mechanical force. Therefore, foams are generally regarded as colloids. System to study 13.12,13].

In view of the fact that we are considering the coating system, the foam mentioned here is only in terms of liquid foam. Foam can be composed of liquid film and gas, or can be composed of liquid film, solid powder and gas. The former is called two-phase foam, and the latter is called three-phase foam. Therefore, the foam produced in the coating system, depending on the situation, has both two-phase foam and three-phase foam.
According to its shape, foam can be divided into two types: foam and foam. Individual bubbles that are separated independently are called bubbles, and such small bubbles generally appear in high-viscosity solvent-based coatings. Foams that gather together and are not uniform in size are called foams, and such foams appear in water-based paints.


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