Water-discolored screen printing ink

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Water change ink

The water-colored ink is an environmentally friendly water-based screen printing ink. The ink itself is in the form of a white paste, and will become transparent when exposed to water, thereby revealing the pattern or pattern of the underlying color. When the ink dries completely, it turns white again, covering the base color pattern.

Because the water-colored ink is water-based ink, it mainly plays a covering role, so in the printing process, we choose screen printing, which can not only achieve the thickness of printing, but also realize the flexibility of printing.




In the printing process, we need to first print the pattern or text on the substrate (such as cardboard) by general offset printing (also called offset printing). It should be noted that in order to achieve better whiteness and coverage For the effect, the ink color of the background color should be as light as possible. After the offset printing ink is dry, we choose a screen plate of about 100 mesh to print the water-colored ink on the surface of the pattern. If the ink is too thick, add a small amount of pure water to dilute it before printing. When the water-colored ink dries, it will turn into a white film to cover the pattern below. If the cover is not good enough, you can print another layer after the ink is dry.

In order to achieve better adhesion, we recommend that the product is best dried by natural air drying. However, when proofing, you can also use hot air of 80-100 degrees for 3-5 minutes. But this caco3 powder coating wax suppliers drying method is not as good as natural drying.

Shelf life of water-colored ink: 12 months under the premise that it is kept in a closed place and protected from light

So, is this ink toxic and side effects? Because the water-transparent ink does not contain any harmful materials, it has been tested by EN71-3. It is a safe water-based silk-screen color-changing ink. Therefore, it can be printed on children’s products with confidence, such as all kinds of toys, wonderful canvases, and self-adhesives. Stickers, beer coasters, umbrellas or something fun.


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