Wax additives to improve the gloss of water-based varnishes

2021-07-27   Pageview:289

Water-based varnish is concerned and favored because it is more environmentally friendly and harmless, but the application of water-based varnish is not as good as solvent-based products in terms of gloss, water resistance and abrasion and scratch resistance. Improve the performance of the film-forming substance benzene propylene emulsion, while using wax additives to improve the performance of the varnish.

When wax additives are added to water-based varnish, with the evaporation of co-solvent, some wax particles migrate to the surface of the film to form a wax protective layer, which has an impact on the surface performance of the film.

It is well known that the addition of wax additives will affect the gloss of the coating film. Different types of wax additives have different particle size and particle size distribution, which will produce different degrees of total or diffuse reflection when irradiated by light, and thus will have different effects on the gloss of the film.

After adding wax additives, the abrasion of the coating film decreases significantly because the wax protective layer formed on the surface of the coating film can improve the slipperiness of the paper product and reduce the coefficient of friction, making the tendency of sliding greater than the tendency of scratching when the object touches the coating surface, thus improving the abrasion resistance of the printed product

As a functional additive to improve the performance of the coating film, wax additive is added to the varnish, mainly to improve the abrasion resistance of the coating film, in addition, it can also affect the gloss and water absorption of the coating

Wax additives OE-6501 technical specifications
Appearance: Yellowish-brown liquid
Wax type: Hard polyethylene wax
Solids: 35%
Emulsification Type: Non-ionic
Softening point: approx. 137°C (wax)
PH value: 7-9
Usage: Add 2%-10% of the total formulation. Add by mixing in the post-production phase

Wax additives are widely used in coatings and inks for their excellent surface properties, and wax additives are more widely used in water-based coatings as a form of wax presence.


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