The role of smoothing agent in textile printing and dyeing

2021-07-27   Pageview:433

Smoothing agent is mainly used in the textile printing and dyeing industry, as an additive in textile printing and dyeing, smoothing agent to improve the quality of textile printing and dyeing, to improve the added value of textiles.

With the application of high-tech in the fiber industry, smoothing agent a large number of new textile fibers such as ultra-fine fibers and shaped fibers, fibers, fibers and soybean fibers, PTT fibers and polylactic acid fibers, as well as a variety of composite fibers, functional fibers are developed and applied, combined with the advantages of various types of fibers, multi-component fiber fabrics are constantly developed, prompting the birth of a series of new dyeing and finishing technology, especially multi-component fiber printing and dyeing process, because of the different chemical properties and physical and mechanical properties of various types of fibers.

Textile yarn smoothing agent is a kind of textile finishing auxiliary used in textile industry, with the appearance of light yellow-white viscous liquid, slightly white translucent viscous liquid, milky white liquid, pH 6.0-7.0, ionic with weak cationic and non-ionic; it can make the textile soft, smooth and bright.

Water-based environmentally friendly silicone emulsion with excellent soft, smooth and shiny style feel, is a new generation of textile soft and smooth finishing agent, can give the fabric excellent soft and smooth effect.

Smoothing agent categories are non-silicone smoothing agent, smoothing additives, special smoothing agent, yarn smoothing agent, wool mercerizing smoothing agent, cashmere smoothing agent, etc..

Applications include a variety of yarn and fabric smoothing, soft finishing; washing plant denim, washed cloth, sweaters and other soft, fluffy, smooth finishing; knitting plant knitted fabric in the smoothing process before shaping, the fabric can be pulled to the required amplitude width and not easy to deform; for yarn smoothing agent, sweater washing imitation mercerizing smoothing agent, leather surface care varnish, increase leather feel vividness.

Dyeing plant cotton, silk, wool, polyester, acrylic and other synthetic fiber yarn and fabric finishing; suitable for wool, mercerized, yarn smoothing finishing, improve the elasticity of the fabric; for natural fiber textiles, such as cashmere, linen and cotton, mercerized wool, wool acrylic and other silky smooth finishing.


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