Application of PTFE modified PE wax powder S3920F

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S3920F is an ultra-fine wax powder of polytetrafluoroethylene modified polyethylene prepared by special process and modified by surface activation.

Application areas
Coating, ink, powder coating and other industries.

Use guide
Adding amount: according to the specific process and requirements. It is necessary for customers to test to determine the dosage first, and the recommended addition amount is 0.2%-5.0% of the total mass.

Adding method: Depends on the processing process, make sure to ensure uniform dispersion.

















The changes in the structure of coatings in my country from 2006 to 2012 are shown in Table 1-1, and the growth of total coatings and powder coatings in my country from 2006 to 2012 is shown in Table 1-2. The production volume of powder coatings in my country has grown rapidly, and it has become the country with the largest and fastest growth rate of powder coatings production in the world. The growth of powder coatings production volume in my country from 1982 to 2012.

Among the architectural coatings, industrial coatings additive, and powder coatings in China, the share of industrial coatings in recent years is 51%~55%, the share of architectural coatings is 34%~38%, and the share of powder coatings is 8.2%~ 11%, the share of powder coatings has been declining in recent years. From Table 1-2 and Table 13, we can also see that the annual growth rate of total coatings in my country has been 11%~32%, while the annual growth rate of powder coatings has been 4.5%~23.5%. Significantly lower than the growth rate of total coating output, and also lower than the previous growth rate. It is particularly noteworthy that the annual growth rate of powder coatings has been declining in recent years. This data shows that the development speed of powder coatings has slowed down. It is quite different from our forecast in previous years.

In 2012, my country’s powder coating production accounted for 50% of the world’s powder coating production (according to the PCT statistics of the American Powder Coatings Research Institute, 42.6%). Indeed, my country has become the veritable world’s largest country in the production and consumption of powder coatings. The second largest country in production and consumption is the United States with 6.8% (131,000 tons), followed by Italy, France, Germany, Brazil, Russia and India in order of the largest powder coating production countries. The order of powder coating production volume is 41,000 tons from South Korea, 30,000 tons from France, 29,000 tons from Japan, 27,000 tons from Canada, 26,000 tons from Mexico, 25,000 tons from Spain, 22,000 tons from the United Kingdom, and 18,000 tons from Australia. . To make our country truly become a veritable technological powerhouse for powder coatings and coatings requires the joint hard work and continuous innovation of all professionals in the industry in the future.

The variety of powder coatings varies greatly in different regions and countries. This is because different regions and countries have different natural conditions and different requirements for the decoration and weather resistance of painted products. Therefore, the demand for powder coatings is also different. Of course, the economic development conditions of the region and the country are also important factors. In 2001 and 2006, different regions and countries of the world constituted a percentage of the output of thermosetting powder coatings.


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