6 elements of grease selection

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The purpose of choosing grease should be clear first. According to the main role of grease, it can be roughly divided into three categories: friction reduction, protection and sealing, and the selection of grease depends on which one is the main role to be played in the use parts.

1, Consider the working temperature of the lubrication part

The temperature of mechanical friction parts and temperature changes have a decisive influence on the lubricating effect and service life of grease, and the working temperature of lubricating parts is an important basis for choosing grease.

2,  Consider the load of the lubrication part

3,  Consider the speed of the lubrication part

As the grease is a rheological system, its similar viscosity changes with the shear rate. Therefore, the physical state and lubricating effect of grease are particularly sensitive to the running speed of lubricated parts, which is different from that of lubricant.

4, Consider the environment of the lubrication part and the media contacted

The environment and the media in contact with the lubrication part have great influence on the performance of the grease, so it should be considered carefully when choosing the grease.

5, Consider the way of grease filling

The grease filling method has manual filling and pump concentration filling. Apply, fill, grease gun refilling, grease cup refilling, etc. all belong to manual refilling.

6, Consider from the comprehensive benefit

When choosing grease, you should not only care about the price, but also see whether it can extend the lubrication cycle and reduce the maintenance cost. Only the grease with outstanding overall benefit is the applicable grease.

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