How To Use Water-based Waterproof Wax Slurry

2024-02-27   Pageview:75

How to use water-based waterproof wax slurry. Wax slurry is mainly used in water-based systems because it can effectively improve the smoothness, gloss and wear resistance of the outside of inks and other carriers, and can improve the wear resistance and adhesion properties of the coating.

The main areas where wax slurry is used: water-based ink, water-based varnish, shoe water wax, leather finishing agent, fabric printing paste, water-based paint and latex, and other water-based coatings.

The main properties of wax slurry are as follows:
1. Using high-density polyethylene (HDPE) hard wax as raw material, we have formulated unique emulsification equipment and processes.
2. Excellent slurry stability, easy to disperse and very convenient for ink and other industrial applications.
3. The wax slurry has good smoothness, gloss and adhesion.
4. Since the slurry is alkaline, try to use deionized water to dilute the wax slurry before use.

Application of wax slurry and water-based wax on leather. Wax slurry is also called modified polyethylene wax. Wax slurry has good transparency and does not affect leveling. Wax slurry is mainly used for solvent-based wood paint, plastic paint, printing ink, and cover. For varnish and other places, leather water-based wax is an odorless, non-toxic, non-corrosive white emulsion. It has very good acid and alkali resistance. Leather water-based wax also has little-known performance characteristics.


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