Introduction of high temperature grease

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There are many kinds of high temperature greases, including lithium-based grease, calcium-based grease, sodium-based grease, aluminum-based grease, molybdenum disulfide grease, bentonite grease and so on. The production of high temperature grease is more delicate and elaborate. In addition to using high quality base oil such as polyalphaolefin (PAO), various additives such as antioxidant, anti-corrosion agent, anti-wear agent, extreme pressure agent, adhesion agent, drawing agent, filler, etc. are generally added to make the performance of grease greatly improved.

Performance characteristics
1, It has a great temperature range from -30℃ to 300℃, and some high temperature greases can be used at a higher temperature.
2, It can generate better lubricating protection film and provide excellent anti-wear lubrication protection under high temperature.
3, It can effectively resist salt water and most cleaning agents.
4, High temperature and high load will not kill or form harmful impurities, good stability.
5, Anti-acid and alkali chemical corrosion. 6.
6, Very low oil separation, strong resistance to extreme pressure characteristics.
7, Good oil film strength and load capacity.
8, Longer life than ordinary synthetic grease.
9, friction reduction and anti-wear, reduce friction resistance to save energy, reduce wear to extend the life of machinery, improve economic efficiency.
10, Effectively extend the lubrication time and oil change interval.

1, Wear reduction bearing or roller bearing
2, Hydraulic: high extrusion parts of the sluice gate.
3, Paper industry: corrugated machinery (corrugated roller and pressure roller)
4, Food industry: toaster conveyor belt bearings, pastry conveyor belt bearings
5, High temperature bearings: blower bearings, fan bearings, flatbed printing machine bearings, high temperature furnace bearings
6, bearings under high temperature conditions (radial bearings, sleeve bearings, guide bearings, sliding bearings, rolling bearings)
7, High-temperature ovens: plywood drying ovens, painting equipment, ceramic curing ovens, oven door hinges, oven damping control
8, Textile industry: printing and dyeing machine lift bearings, steam machine and dryer bearings, stenter stenter chain, bearings, gears

Suitable for high temperature environment of various bearings, gears, chains and other transmission machinery parts lubrication; applicable to metallurgy, mining, oilfield, machinery, steel mills, transportation and other industries in high temperature, heavy load, moisture and other adverse conditions motor, bearing, gear lubrication; especially suitable for high-temperature bearings, such as: large chemical plants auxiliary boiler rotating fire nozzle bearings, plastic extruder sleeve bearings, cracking furnace The high temperature bearings of the induced draft fan, regenerative gas compressor, etc., the rolling bearings and sliding bearings of various machinery working at high temperature such as stretching and stentering machine, hot melt fan, heat setting baking room, baking machine, high temperature dyeing cylinder, etc.

Application range

1, Product applicable temperature: -20℃~450℃, short-term can be high temperature up to 600℃ environment.

2, Blower bearings, fan bearings, flat printing machine bearings, bearings under high temperature conditions (radial bearings, sleeve bearings, guide bearings, sliding bearings, rolling bearings), packaging industry corrugated machinery (corrugated rollers and pressure rollers).

3, High temperature ovens, plywood drying ovens, painting equipment, ceramic curing ovens, oven door hinges, oven damping control equipment.

4, Lifter bearings for printing and dyeing machines, bearings for steamers and dryers, chains, bearings and gears for stenter sizers.


When using, the lubrication parts should be clean; and do plastic compatibility test, compatible before use; stored in a cool and dry place to avoid moisture, impurities mixed in and affect the quality of products.

High temperature grease, as the name implies, is able to use in high temperature conditions grease. In fact, so far, there is no strict definition of high temperature grease, generally speaking, it is considered that the dropping point exceeds 280℃ or the use temperature exceeds 200℃.

What is ptfe lubricant grease? It means the grease with ptfe micro powder added, which greatly improves the performance.

Micronized PTFE Wax PTFE-0104 Name: Micronized PTFE Wax Model Number: PTFE-0104 Chemical Composition: PTFE

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