Introduction of Biocide BK

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Biocide BK is a low-toxicity, broad-spectrum, high-efficiency biocide, a microbial protection agent for the paper industry. It is used in the weak alkaline and alkaline working environment of paper industry and is non-corrosive to the equipment. It is used in the pulp mixing tank, pulp forming tank, high level overflow tank, thickener and white water tank before pulp loading to reduce fiber degradation and improve paper strength. It has strong inhibition and killing power to various Gram-positive or negative bacteria and moulds.











Application of initiator and polymerization inhibitor in coating industry
Application of initiator in coating industry
There are many kinds of initiators. The dozens of initiators mentioned in the second section of this chapter are the results of actual production, scientific research and long-term research. Different initiators need to be selected for different applications. Although the amount of initiator is small, it has a significant impact on product performance, so careful consideration must be given to formula and process design. For example, whether the initiator is stable and easy to store, whether it is safe to use, toxicity, and price, of course, best wax additive the most important thing is the application and the initiating activity.

Initiator selection principle
The type of initiator selected according to the polymerization method differs in the polymerization implementation method, and the area where the polymerization initiator is located may be different. The polymerization center of emulsion polymerization is mainly in the water phase, so water-soluble initiators are required. If the polymerization temperature is lower than room temperature, a water-soluble redox initiation system must be selected. The polymerization initiation center of bulk polymerization, suspension polymerization and solution polymerization is in the monomer phase or organic phase, so oil-soluble initiators—organic peroxides and azo compounds must be used. If water is used as a solvent for solution polymerization, it should be Use water-soluble initiator.


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