What Is The Role Of Polyene Wax For Offset Printing Ink

2022-11-15   Pageview:217

What is the function of polyene wax for offset printing ink? Polyene wax can be used as ink anti-wear agent in offset printing ink, etc. It is mainly based on bearing effect and floating effect. The bearing effect is that the particle size of the polyene wax itself is similar to or slightly larger than the film thickness of the ink coating, so it is exposed, so that the scratch resistance and anti-scratch properties of the wax can be displayed.

In addition, the floating effect means that due to the particle morphology of the polyene wax powder, the wax drifts to the surface of the coating film and is evenly dispersed during the film-forming process, so that the upper layer of the coating film is protected by wax, showing that the wax is scratch-resistant and anti-scratch. Characteristics of abrasions.

According to the printing machinery, it can be divided into sheetfed offset printing ink and web offset printing ink: the use of wax in sheetfed offset printing ink can improve abrasion resistance, smoothness, rub resistance, gloss control, and prevent pigment fillers Precipitation etc. Wax powder is used for cold-set rotary offset printing inks to resist sticking and scratching, lubricate and disperse, and improve gloss, feel and pigment development. The main function of waxes for thermosetting web offset printing inks is to improve abrasion resistance and reduce ink viscosity.

Wax powder is called anti-friction agent, which is an indispensable auxiliary in offset printing ink!
Anti-friction agent is also called lubricating agent. Most of these substances are based on wax substances. When the printing ink particles are relatively thick, such as white ink, gold and silver ink, etc., add an appropriate amount of anti-friction agent to increase the friction resistance of the printed matter. sex and smoothness.


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