How to improve the flame retardant properties of nylon

2021-08-10   Pageview:271

The main varieties of PA are PA6, PA66, PA610, PA1010, PA11, PA12, etc. They generally have the advantages of mechanical properties, wear resistance, chemical resistance, good oil resistance, etc.

1, Adding reactive flame retardant to resin matrix, that is, flame retardant as a reaction monomer to participate in the reaction, and combined with the main chain or side chain of nylon, so that the nylon itself produces a variety of functional groups, these functional groups have a strong flame retardant activity. Its advantages are good flame retardant stability and flame retardant performance, low impact on the mechanical properties of the material, and low toxicity; its disadvantage is that the operation and processing process is complicated, high cost, in the actual production application is not widely used in the additive flame retardant method.

2, Adding flame retardant to nylon by mechanical blending method and using twin-screw extruder to process and produce so that the nylon material has flame retardant properties, that is, adding flame retardant additives in the compounding process.

How to improve the wear resistance of nylon?PA (nylon) very high mechanical strength, high softening point, heat resistance, low coefficient of friction, wear resistance, self-lubricating, shock absorption and silencing, oil resistance, resistance to weak acids, alkali resistance and general solvents, good electrical insulation, self-extinguishing, non-toxic, odorless, good weather resistance, good fluidity, poor dyeing. However, due to the high water absorption of nylon PA, the shrinkage rate is 1%~2%. The dimensional stability is poor and the light resistance is poor.

In the long-term high temperature environment will be oxidation with the oxygen in the air, the color becomes brown at the beginning, followed by the surface broken and cracked, usually PA66 than PA parts have a higher impact rate, load dispersion, good flexibility, thermoplastic, light weight, good toughness, but to achieve the desired effect also need to add the appropriate modifier or toughening agent.

PA wear modification add ptfe wax powder, can increase the wear resistance of the product, PTFE micro powder is often added as a white wear agent. PTFE powder, our company has 3 microns, 5 microns, 10 microns, 15 microns, 20 microns, PTFE can be molded by molding, molding temperature at about 300-350 degrees. PTFE powder is also a good wear agent, can be added to micronized ptfe dielectric constant  is also a very good wear-resistant agent, can be added to engineering plastics POM and nylon and polypropylene PP plastic inside, to improve wear resistance, improve the lubrication performance, friction effect is very good.


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