Powder coating matting agent M-10

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M-10 is a wax-free chemical matting agent, mainly used in polyester/epoxy hybrid powder coating system, its characteristics are in the powder coating can provide better mechanical properties, excellent leveling properties, excellent anti-yellowing properties, and clear board effect; at the same time the product dosage compared with similar products on the market is significantly reduced, can significantly reduce costs.











1. Technical parameters
Appearance: white or light yellow powder
Bulk density: 450-550 g/l
Solid content: 99%
amide wax uses

2. Product application and performance

m-10 does not need to consume epoxy, use with other powder making raw materials together with pre-mix, internal extrusion can be. If the formulation of epoxy a little too much will have a better board and matte matte results.

The surface fineness of the powder made by using this product is very good, and no yellowing.

For polyester is very selective, almost most of the 5:5 and 6:4 polyester on the market have very good matting effect.

The addition of suitable accelerators/catalysts can be chosen to improve the impact properties, but may lead to undesired increase in gloss and decrease in leveling properties.

Powders made with m-10 have good storage stability.

Recommended extrusion temperature: 95°C in zone i, 110°C in zone ii; recommended curing conditions: 200°C*12min or 190°C*15min.

The heavy metal content of this product meets the requirements of EU rohs standard. 3.

3. Recommended use amount and formulation

The dosage of m-10 is 1-3.1% of the total powder coating formula, suitable for making 5%@60° above gloss, the gloss decreases with the increase of dosage.

4. Notes for use

Avoid direct skin contact and inhalation of the product. Precautions should be taken before use, such as wearing safety clothes, goggles, protective gloves and dustproof equipment.

New msds are prominently displayed and contain information on labeling, transportation, storage, product use, safety and toxicity.

5. Packaging and storage

The product is packed in polyethylene lined laminated kraft paper bags with a net weight of 25 kg per bag.

Store in a cool, dry place away from heat and fire and direct sunlight. The shelf life of reasonable storage is at least two years.


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