CERETAN MX 9510 vs PEW-0205B

2021-04-22   Pageview:1115

CERETAN MX 9510 is offered by munzing. Increased abrasion resistance, increased scratch resistance, very good dispersing properties and -compatibility, very good anti- blocking.

PEW-0205B is offered by tianswax,  which is suitable for solvent-based flexo-printing ink, as well as solvent-based gravure printing ink, can improve the abrasion resistance, and scratch resistance when used in solvent-based ink.

Technical Parameters

Ingredients Spherical, micronized polyolefin wax Micronized PE Wax
Appearance white fine powder White Powder
Particle Size  μm Dv50 7
Particle Size  μm Dv90 18
Melting Point  ℃ 108 °C-118 °C 110°C


Paints and coatings scratch-and abrasion resistance reduce the coefficient,abrasion resistance
Printing inks antiblocking,scratch- and abrasion resistance reduce the coefficient,abrasion resistance

Tianshiwax is the most professional and largest manufacturer for micronized waxes as well as a leading worldwide manufacturer and supplier of a broad line of specialty micronized wax powders in China. We are very familiar with most wax products, for can and coil coatings application, tianswax PEW-0205B is a good alternative of CERETAN MX 9510.

Anything needs, feel free to contact our wax experts.


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