Difference between silica copper powder and polyethylene wax

2021-08-17   Pageview:760

Polyethylene wax refers to low molecular weight polyethylene with relative molecular weight below 10,000, and the usual molecular weight range is between 1,000 and 8,000. Polyethylene wax has excellent properties and is widely used in ink, coating, rubber processing, paper, textile, cosmetics and other fields.

Silicone powder plays an obvious role in plastic processing, improving plastic processing fluidity and demolding performance; reducing torque, reducing equipment wear, easy mold filling, and reducing product defect rate. Significantly reduce the coefficient of friction, improve the smooth performance, improve the surface gloss, enhance the surface silk touch, improve wear resistance and scratch resistance.

Polyethylene wax has good chemical stability, excellent mechanical properties, electrical properties, dispersion, fluidity, mold release, high softening point, low melt viscosity, and high hardness, good wear resistance, as a variety of masterbatch dispersant, polyolefin processing release agent, PVC plastic processing lubricants, etc., in the general plastic processing is widely used.

Polyethylene waxes modified by chemical modification have improved physical properties due to the introduction of polar groups, making the application of polyethylene waxes has expanded to engineering plastics with higher performance requirements and faster development momentum.

ac-6 polyethylene wax has a very wide range of applications in engineering plastics and is a very remarkable development.


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