4 roles of wax emulsions in waterborne coatings

2021-08-01   Pageview:337

With the help of surfactants, waxes in molten state are dispersed in water to make stable emulsions, which are called emulsified waxes. There are many types of emulsified waxes and wide fields of utilization, and almost all wax products can be provided in the form of emulsions, together with various compounding according to different needs, there are countless types of wax emulsions applied in the market, and they are different from each other.

Can i use wax on emulsion paint? Yes, the followings are roles of wax emulsions in waterborne coatings.

1. Anti-adhesion

Wax particles are suspended in the form of solid particles in the coating and float to the surface of the coating film during the drying process, forming an isolation and playing a good anti-stick effect. By practice, the particle size of wax particles, the degree of polarity, the compatibility of the emulsion system, the density of wax particles and other factors have an impact on the anti-adhesion of the system. We found in practice that low melting point wax sometimes has better anti-adhesive effect than high melting point wax.

2. Change of surface friction coefficient

The anti-wear and anti-scratch properties of the coating film are related to the surface friction coefficient. Hard waxes such as polyethylene wax can reduce the coefficient of friction on the surface of the coating so that the tendency of sliding is greater than the tendency of scratching when the object touches the surface of the coating. Such as printing ink, wood paint, etc., need a low coefficient of friction of the coating surface to dissolve the impact of the outside world to prevent scratches.

3, Wear resistance

The abrasion resistance of the coating depends not only on the coefficient of friction of the surface but also has a great relationship with the toughness of the wax layer. Of course, the thickness of the wax coating projection also has a great influence, which is the reason why the wear resistance of large particle micronized wax is significantly better than other wax products. However, the relationship between the particle size of wax and the gloss of the coating is very big. If the gloss of the coating is required to be high, the particle size and particle form of wax have strict requirements. To a certain extent, the gloss and the wear resistance of the coating are a contradiction.

4, Adjustment of gloss

In the high gloss system even the wax emulsion will not improve the gloss of the coating, at most the effect on the gloss can be ignored. In practice, wax emulsion often plays the role of improving the lubricity of the coating, improve the uniformity of the coating leveling, so that the coating gloss to improve the particle size greater than 0.2um wax will certainly affect the gloss, the degree of matting and wax particle size, particle morphology, dispersion method are related.


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