Advantage of polyurethane thickeners guide

2021-08-24   Pageview:672

1, Good open can effect, thickening efficiency and anti-spattering properties
2, Excellent flow and leveling, hiding power, uniform film formation and gloss presentation
3, Can be used for low odor and low VOC coatings
4, Reduced equilibrium time, reduced regrouping
5, Easy to handle production process, good compatibility
6, Anti-microbial and enzyme attack











Hydrophobically modified alkali-soluble emulsion-type thickeners can be used as thickeners or co-thickeners for aqueous coatings. At relatively low dosage, it can effectively improve the medium shear (Kreb Units) viscosity. The thickener improves the flow and leveling properties of the coating compared to medium to high molecular weight cellulose thickeners. Adding a small amount of surfactant or glycol ether co-solvent to reduce the low shear viscosity (Brookfield) can change the rheological properties, thus further improving the flow and leveling properties of the coating.

Can be used in exterior paints, but since the product contains an anionic structure, we recommend formulators to take care to minimize the possibility of foaming.

1, Adjust the pH of the paint with ammonia to 8.0-9.0.

2, Dilute it with water in the ratio of 1:1.

3, Slowly add the diluted wax additives at low speed with stirring.

4, While stirring, measure the change of viscosity of the paint, and stop adding thickener after the viscosity reaches the specified level.


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