5 Features of perfluorinated polymeric leveling agent

2021-10-07   Pageview:837

Compared with traditional leveling agents, perfluorinated polymeric leveling agent has the following characteristics
● Improves leveling, eliminates shrinkage and orange peel
● Improves gloss
● Defoaming function
● Wetting of pigments and substrates
● Improved interlayer adhesion















The tert-butoxy radical will react as follows:
CH-CO.-·CH; CCH:·(4-12)
But below 90°C, tert-butoxy radicals are stable.

3. Diacyl peroxide
The diacyl peroxide initiators commonly used in industry are listed in Table 4-3. Among them, dibenzoyl peroxide is the most commonly used initiator. It is white crystals and easily soluble in organic solvents and monomers. The water content of commercially available industrial products or reagents is about 30%, which makes the product more stable and easy to transport. And storage. When used in anhydrous medium, fischer tropsch wax companies it needs to be washed with industrial ethanol, dried in vacuum, and then driednaturally in the air, do not bake. Diacyl peroxide initiators commonly used in industry RCO.—R·+CO, (4-14) diacyl peroxides, such as dibenzoyl peroxide, dilauroyl peroxide, etc. The decomposition temperature is 62~73℃, suitable for general polymerization reaction, and the product is easy to obtain And relatively stable, it is the most widely used initiator variety.


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