Dispersible water-based liquid polyamide wax – no pregel required

2022-04-10   Pageview:482

Say goodbye to traditional pre-dispersion processes

Many water-based polyamide waxes need to be pre-dispersed, which brings many difficulties, while the core chemical PAMID D772 can be added directly without pre-dispersion and pre-gel. (In order to ensure the use effect, the disperser can disperse evenly with a disperser above 800rpm)

Problems such as precipitation and sag often occur in current water-based coatings, and there are many types of water-based additives on the market for anti-settling and anti-sagging, such as polyurea, polyurethane, bentonite, polyamide wax, etc. Each has its own control effect, but also has its own shortcomings in specific applications.

Bentonite = poor gloss and transparency

Polyurea = average sag resistance, high price

Water-based polyamide waxes on the market = difficult pre-dispersion and increase system viscosity.

PAMID D772 is a liquid water-based polyamide wax additive newly developed by Core Chemicals in response to market demand. transparent wax amide polishing It can endow water-based paints with better anti-settling and anti-sagging properties without affecting the paint’s viscosity and transparency. It is especially suitable for in aqueous systems.

For example, there are certain fillers (talc powder, glass powder, matting powder, calcium powder, kaolin) in water-based wood coatings. High viscosity is required to prevent precipitation during storage, and low viscosity is required during coating construction to facilitate coating and construction. A balanced viscosity is then required to control film leveling and avoid sagging.

technical parameter

Appearance: light yellow liquid

Active ingredient: ≥12.5%

Recommended dosage: 1%-3%

Based on the above tests, PAMID D772 liquid water-based polyamide wax is a very distinctive product in water-based wood paint or other water-based coatings. It is cost-effective, easy to use, has adequate performance and will not affect the performance of the paint itself.


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