How coating thickener work?

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Paint is a type of liquid or solid material that can be applied to the surface of an object to form a solid coating with protective, decorative or special properties. In the process of mixing in the production equipment, due to gravity convection, it will cause Benard swirling, hanging and blooming defects, but this problem can be well solved by using the CFL coating thickener to promote the viscosity of the coating to increase.

Coating thickener is a kind of cross-linked polymer emulsion thickener containing acidic group, when diluted with water and neutralized with alkali, its emulsion particles swell quickly, under such conditions, the emulsion will become clarified and very sticky.










Coating thickener can effectively improve the low shear viscosity, so that the coating system has a high pseudoplasticity, the use of thickeners prepared by the coating, there is a high yield value and gel structure, after the disappearance of shear force this structure will show, so the coating thickener is suitable for the preparation of coatings with moderate three-dimensional pattern effect.

Secondly, compared with the high molecular weight cellulose thickener, the coating thickener can not only reduce the roll coating splash, and because it does not contain cellulose, the anti-microbial and enzyme attack ability is higher, so the coating viscosity can be stable for a long time.

Wax additives are also widely used in coatings and inks, welcome to inquiry.


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