RM-8W produced by polyurethane thickeners manufacturers

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ACRYSOLTM RM-8W is a low-odor, solvent-free water-based non-ionic associative rheology modifier (hydrophobic modified polyurethane), providing excellent flow and leveling, uniform film-forming performance, and gloss display And high thickening efficiency. This product is designed for low-odor, low-VOC non-solvent coatings, and can also be used for other coatings.

ACRYSOLTM RM-8W can be used in various interior and exterior coating formulations, and is especially suitable for use as a synergistic thickener. It can be used together with ACRYSOLTM RM-2020NPR, which provides high shear viscosity, to achieve high and low shear viscosity in coating formulations ranging from matte to glossy. The ideal balance.

ACRYSOLTM RM-8W is a low-viscosity liquid, so it is easily compatible and helps to improve the coating production process.











1. Outstanding application performance
2. Excellent paint appearance
3. Solvent-free
4. Improved compatibility
5, Supplied in low viscosity liquid form
6. Good biological stability

Physical properties
Appearance: hazy liquid
Mass solids content (%): 20.8-21.8
Specific gravity (kg/l): 1.04
Brinell viscosity (centipoise): 0-99999
Chemical type: Non-ionic  (cationic/ anionic wax emulsion are available also)
Package: 204/kg


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