Black Pigment for Coating

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Black pigments include carbon black, iron oxide black, copper chrome black, iron chrome black, cobalt black, aniline black, antimony sulfide, etc. The first two are the most used in coatings. Copper chrome black, iron chrome black and cobalt black are commonly used in high temperature resistant coatings, while aniline black and antimony sulfide are rarely used in coatings.












1. Carbon black

The particle size of carbon black is fine, and it is a black pigment with the best covering power and coloring power. It can resist heat and chemical corrosion, has excellent dispersion in oil, and can absorb all colors of the spectrum, so it has a high degree of black color. The disadvantage is high moisture absorption and difficult to disperse. Among carbon black pigments, the production process, particle size, structure and surface chemistry of carbon black directly affect the performance of blackness, rheology and gloss of coatings.

According to the classification of manufacturing methods, they can be divided into.

(1) Tank black, raw materials are natural gas and oil

(2) Furnace black, raw material is petroleum

(3) lamp black, raw materials for oil

(4) thermal cracking black, raw materials for oil and natural gas or LPG

(5) acetylene black, raw materials for acetylene (gas)

(6) bone black, raw materials for animal bone

(7) mineral black, raw materials for coal

According to the classification of uses, can be roughly divided into carbon black for rubber, pigment carbon black and conductive carbon black.

2. Iron oxide black

Iron oxide black, also known as iron black, the molecular formula is FeO?Fe2O3 or Fe3O4, with permanent magnetic, is a covering power, coloring power, good resistance to spin black pigment. Paint made of it, coating film toughness, and has a chemical rust-proof effect, in the paint can be used in part instead of carbon black. Iron oxide black is widely used for cement coloring in the construction industry because of its good alkali resistance.

3. Cobalt black

High temperature resistance and environmental friendly non-toxic are the outstanding characteristics of cobalt black, which is a very good temperature and weather resistant pigment. Cobalt black is mainly used in high temperature resistant coatings, far infrared materials, powder coatings, etc.

4. Copper-chromium black

It is a metal oxide mixed phase pigment with high temperature resistance, high weather resistance and environmental protection and non-toxic characteristics, mainly used in high temperature resistant coatings, high temperature resistant engineering plastics coloring and ceramics, enamel, glass coloring, plastic coloring system in contact with food.

5. Iron chrome black

It is a metal oxide mixed-phase pigment with excellent chemical resistance, outdoor durability, light resistance, high temperature resistance, environmental protection and non-toxic, no color bleeding, no migration, and has very excellent infrared reflection function. It is suitable for almost all applications in plastics, paints and coatings. Its color spectrum ranges from reddish brown to brown-black.

6. Aniline Black

Aniline black is the only black pigment among organic pigments, and it is also a widely used organic pigment. As the general black pigment mostly uses inexpensive inorganic carbon black pigment, so this solvent-based wax black pigment is not much used in the coating industry.

7. Antimony sulfide (Sb2S3) is a kind of gray-black mineral pigment, appearing green light, making it look like a plant in infrared photos, so its fine powder can be used as camouflage paint.


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