How to improve the performance of hot melt adhesives

2021-05-13   Pageview:460

There are many types of hot melt adhesives. Ethylene vinyl acetate random copolymer (EVA) based resin is one of the most important one, which can be used in packaging materials, bookbinding, wood processing etc.

Curing hot melt adhesives and functional hot melt adhesives are the two major categories. Curing hot melt adhesives is mainly characterized by improving the high temperature resistance, increasing the softening point to more than 120 ℃; functional hot melt adhesives are for specific application, such as water-soluble or dispersible hot melt adhesive, hot melt sealant, hot melt pressure-sensitive adhesive, etc.

1. Adjustment of hot melt adhesive bonding wax

The influence on bonding depends mainly on the viscosity and chemical structure of the wax. The lower the viscosity, the easier it is for the hot melt adhesive to penetrate into the porous substrate, thus forming a mechanical bond.

When bonding porous materials (cardboard, corrugated board), if the viscosity of the hot melt adhesive is too large, the adhesive may not fully penetrate the substrate when it is already solidified, resulting in poor bonding. Tianshiwax offers low viscosity PE wax and FT wax , which can effectively improve the wetting of hot melt adhesive and increase the bonding.

2, Adjust the tensile strength and modulus of hot melt adhesive, flexibility

Waxes can increase the strength and modulus of hot melt adhesives as long as the compatibility allows. The use of narrow distribution of wax products, more easily compatible with EVA in the ethylene chain segment, can increase the flexibility of the hot melt adhesive.

3, Adjustment of opening time and setting time

For polymer tackifying resin system, the addition of wax always shortens the opening time, and the degree of influence varies with the nature of wax.

4, Improve the anti-adhesive properties

The anti-adhesive property of hot melt glue granules has a direct relationship with the storage of glue. The adhesive with poor anti-adhesive property is easy to caking in storage. The use of Tianshi wax series can effectively prevent the adhesion of glue particles.


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