4 characteristics of polyethylene wax wax powder

2021-12-16   Pageview:660

1, Low molecular weight polyethylene wax is a saturated hydrocarbon lubricant. Odorless, non-toxic, chemically stable

2, Good solvent resistance

3, Softening point is high and has good melt fluidity and dispersion, its electrical properties, mold release performance is excellent

4, Low molecular weight polyvinyl chloride wax can play a good synergistic effect with other fatty acid and fatty acid ester internal lubricants when used as external lubricant of polyvinyl chloride plastic.

It is suitable for various types of stabilizers such as metal soap, lead, organic tin and rare earths. It can improve the dispersion of filler or pigment and the flowability of melt in polymer compounding system and plastic masterbatch.














Other wrinkle-breaking agent HN-805 wrinkle agent is also similar to AS10 wrinkle agent. The formulated powder coating has strong wrinkle texture and has a strong sense of three-dimensionality, and it is not easy to fall off in thin coating. The dosage is 0.1%~0.2% of the total formula, adding within When adding in ingredients, the amount of HN-805 wrinkle agent affects the size of wrinkles texture. When the amount of addition increases, the texture becomes smaller, and when the amount decreases, the wrinkle becomes larger. The type and amount of filler have a significant effect on the size of the wrinkle texture. In addition, the powder The molten horizontal fluidity of the coating also has an effect on the size of the wrinkle texture.

Deep Textured TS Additive (ZS-702) is an additive added to overcome the disadvantages such as the appearance of the bottom of the coating film when the three-dimensional requirement in the wrinkle powder is strong, or the wrinkle texture is not obvious. The deep knot pattern TS additive is white powder, and the recommended dosage is 0.5%~0.8% of the total formula. It is added during the batching by internal addition. After adding this additive, the three-dimensional feeling of the coating film will be enhanced, but it only serves as an auxiliary function and cannot be used alone. Used as a wrinkle agent.

The texture agent TX-502 can give the surface of the coating film a fine orange or bump texture appearance. The amount used in epoxy-polyester and polyester TGI C powder coatings is 25~3% of the total formula; texture agent TX-520 can give the appearance of uneven texture on the surface of the coating film. The amount used in epoxy-polyester and polyester TGI C powder coatings is 0.1% to 0.2% of the total formula.

Pattern (floating flower) agent
In the powder coating formula, after adding the auxiliary agent that can make the coating film produce the pattern into the floating flower, the general pattern (floating) agent is added to the special base powder of the powder coating by the dry mixing method (external method), after coating Later, the coating film can be given a (corrugated) pattern appearance. Because this additive is combined with floating pigments (including metal powder), when it is added to the powder wood paint base powder by dry mixing, the coating film forms a colorful pattern, so it is also called a pattern agent or a floating agent.


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