The use of paint anti-mildew agent AEM-5700T

2021-10-21   Pageview:424

1,  Add this product directly into water-based or emulsion adhesive at 1%~2% and mix well.

2,  The product is easy to use, stable, safe and reliable, no irritation to skin and eye mucous membrane under the use concentration, no pollution to the environment. The product has excellent compatibility and can be used with various surfactants (except primary amines, secondary amines and sulfides).













Application of water-based drier
Traditional solvent-based air-drying coatings-alkyd coatings have played an extremely important role in the coatings industry due to their excellent comprehensive performance since its inception in 1927. However, solvent-based coatings emit VOCs to the atmosphere and are affected by petroleum resources. Restrictions are facing increasingly severe challenges. Countries around the world have restricted the use of solvent-based coatings. Therefore, the development of environmentally friendly coatings is the development trend of the coatings industry. Since solvent-based alkyd coatings occupies the first place in various coatings, polypropylene wax melting point reducing the VOC in alkyd coatings is also the first to receive people’s attention. Therefore, in the research and development of environmentally friendly coatings, water-based alkyd coatings have naturally become a research hotspot.

Water-based alkyd resin (water dispersion type) can be divided into water-dilutable type and water-emulsion type. Water-diluted alkyd resin is a resin with a higher acid value that is neutralized with a weak base (ammonia or amine) to form a salt-containing resin , Add organic solvents such as alcohol ether, and then disperse in water. Sometimes people also call it water-soluble alkyd resin. But in fact, the organic solvent solution of the resin amine salt is diluted with water to form a stable polymer solution, not the alkyd resin dissolved in water. Water emulsion type alkyd resin is directly dispersed in water with the help of surfactants. Due to the introduction of surfactants, the system is relatively more complicated than water dilution.


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