What Is The Reason For Offset Ink Printing Sticky Blanket

2022-11-16   Pageview:719

What is the reason for offset printing ink to print sticky blanket? In the process of offset printing, paper sticking to rubber means that the fibrous substances on the surface of the paper are adhered to the surface of the rubber blanket by the ink during printing. phenomenon is easy to happen.

1. Insufficient bite of the impression roller: The bite of the impression roller is not enough, which will cause inaccurate overprinting of printing and increase the bite of the impression roller. Bite, so that the bite force of each biting tooth is uniform. If the overall bite force is still insufficient, you can increase the force of the support springs on both sides; if the bite piece or the pressure pad is too smooth and the paper sticks to the rubber, you can use the method of sticking fine gauze on the pad to solve the problem. The paper bite pads should be rough so that the paper can be bitten to prevent the paper biting force from being insufficient and causing the paper to stick to the rubber.
2. The handover time between the roller bite and the delivery bite is incorrect: adjust the position of the opening plate at the junction between the delivery bite and the roller bite. The handover time of the user is controlled within the range of 3-6mm.
3. The bite of the delivery bite is too light: the bite of the delivery bite depends on the four support springs on the delivery bite shaft. If the bite of the overall delivery bite is too light, the four Press the support springs at the same time to increase the bite force, then adjust the bite force of each bite, use 60g/㎡ paper to stretch into the bite, pull it out to test, and make the upper middle and both ends of the row evenly bite. Consistent, if the biting paper or pad is too smooth and the paper sticks to the rubber, you can stick fine gauze or tape on the biting pad to troubleshoot the problem.
4. Paper sticky rubber caused by the high viscosity of the ink: In order to make the ink have good printability, it is often necessary to add some auxiliary materials to adjust the viscosity of the ink according to the requirements of the printed piece when adjusting the ink. Detackifier is a wax mixture, an auxiliary material for adjusting the viscosity of ink. Without increasing the fluidity of the ink, it can reduce the viscosity of the ink and make the filament of the ink shorter.

Waxes used in offset printing inks can improve abrasion resistance, smoothness, rub resistance, control gloss, and prevent precipitation of pigments and fillers.


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