What are the main types of coatings and what are the characteristics of organic pigments for coloring?

2021-08-26   Pageview:836

According to different types of paints, such as oil-based paints, water-based paints, emulsion paints, interior and exterior paints and automotive paints, etc., the application properties of colorants are more demanding. The application performance of colorants has higher requirements. Colorants include inorganic pigments and organic pigments, which should have the following characteristics.












1, Excellent durability, light and weather fastness, especially in the outdoor application of coloring objects.

2, High covering power or specific transparency, high coloring power and gloss.

3, Good matching and easy dispersion performance in different types of colorants.

4, Solvent-based paint coloring agent should have solvent resistance, anti-crystallization and anti-flocculation, and the color light and coloring power will not change.

5, For water-based paint coloring, it has good water resistance and no swelling.

6, Good chemical reagent resistance, acid and alkali resistance.

7, Good storage stability, no colorant stratification or precipitation phenomenon.

8, Excellent heat resistance stability of colorant.

Lide powder, also known as zinc barium white, is a white inorganic pigment, which is widely used in the field of paint. The wax powder produced is also widely used in the field of paints. China is a major exporter of Rite-Powder, with the annual export volume accounting for 90% of the total global trade.

As the market demand and technical requirements of Rite-Powder have changed a lot in recent years, the product specifications, process improvement and testing methods have been greatly improved.


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