Application of matting agent for coating

2021-09-14   Pageview:648

The application of matting agent to furniture and decorative coatings with the largest amount, in Asia, furniture and decorative coatings used silica matting agent accounted for more than half of the total.

The resins used in furniture and decorative coatings are mostly polyester, polyurethane, according to propionic acid, etc., which have high gloss. The use of micron-grade synthetic silica and a small amount of micronized wax reduces the gloss to 50%-60%, improves the decorative properties, has a soft gloss and a rich feel, and is loved by users. From the perspective of environmental protection, it meets the requirements of human physiological hygiene and is not easy to cause fatigue of human eyes. Hospitals and large computer rooms use matte floor coating with soft light, which provides favorable conditions for creating a quiet and comfortable environment.










Large signboards panels, traffic signs and other coated surfaces that require flicker resistance generally use matte coatings for safety purposes. Military equipment and facilities such as military vehicles, tanks, armored vehicles, radar and large artillery use matte coatings for concealment and secrecy security.

To increase the adhesion of the coating, matte coatings are sometimes used, such as primers and midcoats for automobiles. In addition, cover imperfect coating, cover its use of paint defects and the substrate itself defects is also one of the purposes of the use of matting agent.

In powder coating, micronized fischer-tropsch wax is a perfect lubricant and hardening agent, white appearance, lower viscosity, concentrate molecular weight, good thermal stability, should be added in the internal squeezing process, can have very good screw lubrication effect and coating surface hardness increasing effect, the addition level is 0.5%-3%.


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