Why are fruits waxed?

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Why are fruits waxed?

Fresh apples, citrus, fragrant pears, lemons and other fruits are still living organisms after harvesting. Due to the continuous loss of water, the peel is prone to shrinkage, and the commodity value will also be greatly reduced. Fruit waxing generally occurs in the storage process, and does not need waxing in the planting process. Fruit wax is the earliest used fruit and vegetable coating preservative. The fruit wax is coated on the surface of the fruit, which can inhibit water evaporation, prevent microbial invasion, and prolong storage. period and shelf life. In addition to this artificially applied fruit wax, many fruits also secrete a layer of fruit wax containing esters during the growth process to prevent the invasion of external microorganisms.

Is fruit waxing safe?
There are two main types of waxes on fruit peels:
It is a natural wax secreted by the fruit itself during the growth process. This fruit wax is a lipid component, which can effectively prevent external microorganisms, pesticides, etc. from invading the pulp, play a protective role, and is harmless to the human body;

It is an artificially added edible wax. Common edible waxes include morpholine fatty acid salts, carnauba wax, etc. It is a kind of liquid wax made of gum, beeswax, shellac and other natural colloids with organic solvents. GB 2760-2014 “National Food Safety Standard – Standard for the Use of Food Additives” has clearly stipulated that edible wax is a food additive that can be used to treat the surface of fruits, but additives must be used in accordance with the regulations and added in appropriate amounts. The standard stipulates that the rational use of edible wax is not harmful to the human body.

How to tell if the wax on the surface of the fruit is safe?
Generally, seasonal fruits and local fruits do not use artificially added edible wax. For out-of-season fruits and imported fruits, because of long-term storage and long-distance transportation, edible wax is used on the surface to keep fresh.


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